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Foundation Yak

Cow (female)

Yo-yo/Sherpa lines, goes back to C001
Cow (female)Native | IYAK - Foundation# Z0537 yrs

Melissa...now called Yolissa, to keep with our 'Y' name tradition here at HCC has been a very pleasant addition to our herd. She came to us and our herd of 6 cows and 1 bull at the age of 6.5 and with...

Not for Sale
Huge Imperial from the 'old days'. RIP
Cow (female)Imperial | IYAK - Foundation# K004 

Yo-Yo K004 is one of the original 4 yaks we bought 18 years ago. She is the great grand daughter of Sargent Pepper C001, not only was he imported but he was the first Yak ever registered with IYAK! ...

beautiful N-Trim with surprise pedigree
Cow (female)Native Trim | IYAK - Foundation# R07611 yrs

Yenna was a pleasant surprise when purchased at 6mo. old with her pregnant Royal mama (I42 Yosie) from a MT. rancher getting out of Yaks. Too bad Yosie's lineage was not documented...she was a nice l...

Not for Sale
our pride and joy of HCC...thanks Sherpa
Cow (female)Royal | IYAK - Foundation# A0336 yrs

Yarrow is our pride and joy here at HCC, her birth was a total surprise to us! She was born 8.5mo. after the death of her sire Sherpa H100. She was Sherpa's 50th and final calf born here and we could ...

Not for Sale
Sherpa H100 granddaughter, great lines!
Cow (female)Royal | IYAK - Foundation# T0819 yrs

Yahoo Bloo was a 'must have' after we lost her famous grandfather Sherpa H100 in 2012 at the age of 14. We were never able to part with Sherpa so we never kept any of his daughters while he was alive....

Not for Sale
gorgeous! great gramma = Queen Allante
Cow (female)Imperial Trim | IYAK - Foundation# 2E1322 yrs

Yoseanne was the result of careful consideration of replacing a 19 year old cow in our small herd of 7 yaks. We tend to keep our foundation breeding animals through out their whole life, so adding a...

Not for Sale
Sherpa grand daughter, goes back to C001
Cow (female)Royal | IYAK - Foundation# A0316 yrs

Yuka-lay-lee was another 'must have' after we lost her grandpa Sherpa H100 in 2012 and desperately wanted to keep his lines going. There is a very special story behind her date of birth, how we got he...

Not for Sale

Heifer (female)

Descendent of HCC, pretty, lots of bling
Heifer (female)Native Trim | IYAK - Foundation# 2G005Under 1 yr

Little Miss Yulu is quite the looker! She has lots of white on her face, that comes all the way down to the tip of her nose. At birth it looked like a 'funnel cloud' on her face. The white on her ches...

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Bull (male)

our stunning yet gentle herd bull...
Bull (male)Royal | IYAK - Foundation# Y0528 yrs

Thor has been a fabulous addition to the genetics of our herd. He is tame and gentle and passes that onto his offspring as well. His pedigree includes such greats as Dreadlock, Wooly Bully (import) a...

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