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10/3/20 Dasiy Duke 4.5mo.

10/3/20 Dasiy Duke 4.5mo.

10/3/20 Daisey Duke 4.5mo.

very famous 'old' foundation bloodline

KCCH Daisy Duke 2H007 (at HCC)

Yak, Heifer Calf (female) | Royal

IYAK - Foundation# 2H007 | DOB: 5/17/2020 (Under 1 yr)

KCCH Sunny 0112
KCCH Yabet 0111


We purchased KCCH Daisy Duke 2H007 as a weanling heifer calf to create a starter herd. Daisy's dam was out of our 'Sherpa lines' back many, many years ago. In fact her grandmother Yabou and grandfather Yancy were the first calves ever born here at HCC around 2001.

Daisy's sire Sunny 0112 is from a very old bloodline and extremely valuable to the IYAK gene pool! We were proud to add her and her half sister Sweet Pea to the package deal of 5 heifer calves. We had Daisy IYAK registered, DNA tested, vaccinated, wormed, hooves trimmed and all brushed out for her new home.

Updated 11/24/2020