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5-23-20 Yetta James day 4

5-23-20 Yetta James day 4

6-21-20 Yetta 4 wks

Heifer calf DOB 5/20/20 Queen Allante...

HCC Yetta James 2H005

Yak, Heifer Calf (female) | Native Trim

IYAK - Foundation# 2H005 | DOB: 5/20/2020 (Under 1 yr)

HPY Thor Y052 (at HCC)

our stunning yet gentle herd bull...

HPY Thor Y052 (at HCC)

Bull (male)Royal
IYAK - Foundation# Y052DOB: 7/13/20119 yrs
Thor has been a fabulous addition to the genetics of our herd. He is tame and gentle and passes that onto his offspring as well. His pedigree includes such greats as Dreadlock, Wooly Bully (import) and Queen Allante (import). He is 3/4 wooly so he adds a little fiber to his offspring as well. Thor is an 'Imperial- Royal' meaning he can throw an Imperial Trim which has the black nose. Thor is quite easy to 'work', he LOVES to be brushed and is quite cooperative in the squeeze chute and head gate. We feel very lucky that he trusts us so much...nothing like the love from a gentle giant!
 IYAK - Foundation# Y052 Royal
MVYR Yoseanne 2E132 (at HCC)

gorgeous! great gramma = Queen Allante

MVYR Yoseanne 2E132 (at HCC)

Cow (female)Imperial Trim
IYAK - Foundation# 2E132DOB: 5/21/20173 yrs
Yoseanne was the result of careful consideration of replacing a 19 year old cow in our small herd of 8 yaks. We tend to keep our foundation breeding animals through out their whole life, so adding a new heifer takes lots of research. Yoseanne 2E132 is from Tom and Lucy Butler with Mesa View Yak Ranch in Dolores CO. Tom and Lucy bought 2 heifers from us years ago and despite the miles between us we have continued to create breeding pairs or starter herds together for many a new yak rancher. They, like us have an appreciation for the 'old bloodlines' when it comes to yaks. Their previous herd bull was THY James Bond...the 3rd to last calf out of the famous Queen Allante D171 who not only was imported into the US over 3 decades ago but was known as one of the longest living yak cows reaching well into her late 20's. QA was dam of many a well known bulls such as Prince Allante. Our gorgeous Yoseanne... an Imperial Trim, is a Queen Allante great granddaughter. We can't wait to see what her and our herd bull Thor (Y052) will produce. Thor as well is a great-great grandson of Queen Allante. We take pride in breeding yaks that go back to the very first group ever imported into the US.
 IYAK - Foundation# 2E132 Imperial Trim


Little Yetta James, is from some pretty famous bloodlines....non other than the famous Queen Allante herself who is behind all 4 grand parents. If you didn't know it, QA is the most famous Yak cow of all times. She was imported into the US in the early 80's and all DNA testing used to prove the purest of pure yaks came from her.

Yetta's mama is our beautiful MVYR Yoseanne 2E132, a coal black Imperial Trim with just the perfect about of fiber (3/4 wooly is my guess), at this rate you can still salvage all the fiber without it turning into dreadlocks. Her sire, our fabulous and friendly HPY Thor Y052 is a striking royal with that sought after 'triangle head'. He too is a 3/4 wooly so Yetta will be worth her weight in gold when it comes to fiber collecting.

Yetta is a spunky, sassy little thing and if you can get her to stand still, she actually enjoys a good butt scratching and a little brushing. She will be DNA tested, IYAK Registered, wormed and vaccinated prior to leaving (ready in Oct.)

Please contact Lynda if you'd like to be on Yoseanne's waiting list, can't wait to see what she produces next year!

Updated 10/29/2020