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Yoplay Partay and Yarrow day 8

Yoplay Partay and Yarrow day 8

Heifer calf DOB 4/30/20 has special mama

HCC Yoplay Partay 2H002

Yak, Heifer Calf (female) | Royal

IYAK - Foundation# 2H002 | DOB: 4/30/2020 (Under 1 yr)

HPY Thor Y052 (at HCC)

our stunning yet gentle herd bull...

HPY Thor Y052 (at HCC)

Bull (male)Royal
IYAK - Foundation# Y052DOB: 7/13/20119 yrs
Thor has been a fabulous addition to the genetics of our herd. He is tame and gentle and passes that onto his offspring as well. His pedigree includes such greats as Dreadlock, Wooly Bully (import) and Queen Allante (import). He is 3/4 wooly so he adds a little fiber to his offspring as well. Thor is an 'Imperial- Royal' meaning he can throw an Imperial Trim which has the black nose. Thor is quite easy to 'work', he LOVES to be brushed and is quite cooperative in the squeeze chute and head gate. We feel very lucky that he trusts us so much...nothing like the love from a gentle giant!
 IYAK - Foundation# Y052 Royal
HCC Yarrow A033

our pride and joy of HCC...thanks Sherpa

HCC Yarrow A033

Cow (female)Royal
IYAK - Foundation# A033DOB: 5/23/20137 yrs
Yarrow is our pride and joy here at HCC, her birth was a total surprise to us! She was born 8.5mo. after the death of her sire Sherpa H100. She was Sherpa's 50th and final calf born here and we could not have been more grateful, truly a gift from above and one that we could keep and breed to our new bull (Thor Y056). Yarrow's mama is our big beautiful Native Trim Yenna R076 whom we will be forever grateful to. As you can see Yarrow is an extremely good looking royal. She has beautiful markings, great conformation, and a gorgeous head. The best part of Yarrow is her personality...she certainly has her papa's tame and gentle side, she is curious, affectionate and loves people. We feel so lucky to have her in our lives.
 IYAK - Foundation# A033 Royal


This little girl is named Yoplay Partay because she wants to play and party all the time. Here at HCC all the calves are given a "Y" name, it has been our signature for 20 years now.

Yoplay was born 4/30/20 to our favorite cow Yarrow (A033). Yarrow is special to us because she was the 50th and final calf out of our late bull Sherpa (H100) and she inherited his kind nature and love of people as well. We feel very blessed to have her and truly feel she was heaven sent. We have Yarrow's mother and had her grandmother till 18, so little Yoplay is a 4th generation yak here.

Yoplay is Yarrow's 5th calf and if she is anything like the first 4, she will be a people lover too. She already seeks us out for attention and scratches. She is a half wooly and should put off more fiber than a normal royal. She will be DNA tested, IYAK registered, wormed and vaccinated before leaving us and comes with a 5-page Yak Care Guide. All our yaks here at HCC have pedigrees going back to the first yaks imported into the US. That is one of our breed requirements.

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