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Yodelay Heehoo & Yenna day 3

Yodelay Heehoo & Yenna day 3

Heifer calf DOB 4/23/20 Dreadlock lines

HCC Yodelay Heehoo 2H001

Yak, Heifer Calf (female) | Royal

IYAK - Foundation# 2H001 | DOB: 4/23/2020 (Under 1 yr)

HPY Thor Y052 (at HCC)

our stunning yet gentle herd bull...

HPY Thor Y052 (at HCC)

Bull (male)Royal
IYAK - Foundation# Y052DOB: 7/13/20119 yrs
Thor has been a fabulous addition to the genetics of our herd. He is tame and gentle and passes that onto his offspring as well. His pedigree includes such greats as Dreadlock, Wooly Bully (import) and Queen Allante (import). He is 3/4 wooly so he adds a little fiber to his offspring as well. Thor is an 'Imperial- Royal' meaning he can throw an Imperial Trim which has the black nose. Thor is quite easy to 'work', he LOVES to be brushed and is quite cooperative in the squeeze chute and head gate. We feel very lucky that he trusts us so much...nothing like the love from a gentle giant!
 IYAK - Foundation# Y052 Royal
HCC Yenna R076


Yodelay Heehoo is the name of this awesome little heifer. Here at High Country Critters all yak calves are given a 'Y' name, it has been our trade mark for 20 years!

Yodelay was our first 2020 calf, born to our very large Native Trim cow Yenna R076. Yenna is a half wooly and our herd bull Thor Y052 is a 3/4 wooly, so Yodelay should be a good fiber producer and pass that on to her offspring. Her great grandsire on both sides is Dreadlock (F199). All the yaks here at HCC have pedigrees that go back to the first yaks imported into the US. That is one of our breed requirements.

Yodelay is a spunky cute little thing. She has been handled since birth and accustomed to human interaction on a daily basis and enjoys head scratches and being brushed. She will be IYAK registered, wormed and vaccinated before leaving HCC.

We can create either a breeding pair or starter herd with the help of nearby yak ranchers. Calves can be weaned together here prior to hauling. We will deliver within a 150mi. radius, or can help arrange hauling from a nearby trusted source. All yak sales include a 5+ page Yak Care Guide. Many reference available upon request.

Updated 10/29/2020