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Yandre the Giant and mama Yenna

Yandre the Giant and mama Yenna

Heavy boned...will be massive like papa!

HCC Yandre' the Giant 2G002

Yak, Bull Calf (male) | Royal

IYAK - Foundation# 2G002 | DOB: 4/24/2019 (1 yr)

HPY Thor Y052 (at HCC)

our stunning yet gentle herd bull...

HPY Thor Y052 (at HCC)

Bull (male)Royal
IYAK - Foundation# Y052DOB: 7/13/20119 yrs
Thor has been a fabulous addition to the genetics of our herd. He is tame and gentle and passes that onto his offspring as well. His pedigree includes such greats as Dreadlock, Wooly Bully (import) and Queen Allante (import). He is 3/4 wooly so he adds a little fiber to his offspring as well. Thor is an 'Imperial- Royal' meaning he can throw an Imperial Trim which has the black nose. Thor is quite easy to 'work', he LOVES to be brushed and is quite cooperative in the squeeze chute and head gate. We feel very lucky that he trusts us so much...nothing like the love from a gentle giant!
 IYAK - Foundation# Y052 Royal
HCC Yenna R076

beautiful N-Trim with surprise pedigree

HCC Yenna R076

Cow (female)Native Trim
IYAK - Foundation# R076DOB: 9/4/200812 yrs
Yenna was a pleasant surprise when purchased at 6mo. old with her pregnant Royal mama (I42 Yosie) from a MT. rancher getting out of Yaks. Too bad Yosie's lineage was not documented...she was a nice looking Royal. Luckily Yenna's sire SBR 0117 (Hank) has a great history...he is a Dreadlock son which goes back to Wooly Bully who was imported from Canada with the original group of yaks coming to the US. Yenna herself is half wooly, quite large, a very pretty girl who had grown very attached to us. She has given us tons of fiber and numerous gorgeous calves with both Sherpa and now Thor. She is worth her weight in gold here at HCC...please see the info on her daughter Yarrow A033...a miracle in our eyes.
 IYAK - Foundation# R076 Native Trim


Here at High Country Critters we are celebrating 19 years in yaks!! We raise 'seed stock' calves for breeding, showing, fiber or just pasture pets. All calves are IYAK registered as Full Foundation, wormed, vaccinated (heifers get the Bang's Vax too) and well socialized with people to the point of petting, scratching and brushing. We can create breeding pairs or starter herds with other local ranchers and those groups can be weaned here together so they are buddies prior to be delivered or picked up. We provide a 10 page Yak Care Guide as well as Nutritional requirements. We work with you as long as you own yaks, references available upon request.

This little guy "Yandre' the Giant" stood out at birth! He is stocky, heavy boned and that awesome triangle head like his papa Thor. We are convinced he will look just like Thor! Yandre' is a true people lover, he follows Mike everywhere....we have to keep reminding him that he is a Yak and needs to stay with his mama Yenna R076. He loves to have his ears rubbed and to be brushed....yup, so does papa Thor. Yandre' is a line breeding on Dreadlock and will do that line proud. He is a herd bull waiting to happen! Yandre's price is $2200.00

Purchase Terms

25% down will hold Yandre' till delivery or pickup at weaning age.

Updated 10/22/2019