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Yukalaylee at just 2yrs. old

Yukalaylee at just 2yrs. old

Yukalaylee A031 IYAK Reg Yukalaylee's grandpa Sherpa at 14yrs. old

Sherpa grand daughter, goes back to C001

PY1 Yuka-lay-lee A031 (at HCC)

Yak, Cow (female) | Royal

IYAK - Foundation# A031 | DOB: 6/12/2013 (7 yrs)

PY1 (HCC) Yuki Q027
HPY Maya P036

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Yuka-lay-lee was another 'must have' after we lost her grandpa Sherpa H100 in 2012 and desperately wanted to keep his lines going. There is a very special story behind her date of birth, how we got her and her name.

*Yuka-lay-lee was born 6/12/13 in Ridgeway CO, but to us we will always remember it as the first day of the horrible........ Black Forest Fire in CO......... that came within 1/4mi. of our ranch.

*Yuka-lay-lee's breeder was Patty McNall with Pattyyaks. (Her herd sire Yuki Q027 was born here in 2007 and had become a well known breeding bull). Patty and DeGrey had become very good friends of ours and we'd see them often. Over the years I had made lots of yak sales for Patty and in return she wanted to give me a heifer calf that would continue Sherpa's bloodlines.

* The name Yuka-lay-lee came from #1...her sire is Yuki, #2 Patty herself was raised in Hawaii (home of the ukulele). We picked up our precious Yuka-lay-lee in Oc.t and later that month Patty was involved in a horrible horse riding accident with multiple head injuries. She was in the hospital for 6 weeks and just as we all thought she was going home, she died on Christmas day 2013.

Patty had a good friend named Yunice York, I made the comment that Yuka-lay-lee's first heifer calf would be named Yunice. Well it happened 5/16/18...we had our Yunice of York just for Patty!

Note; Yuka's pedigree goes back to Sargent Pepper and Queen Allante...both who were original imports from Canada and Sargent was the first yak ever registered with IYAK (C001)

Updated 5/14/2020


Bull calf DOB 4-26-20, DNA & IYAK Reg.
Bull Calf (male)Under 1 yrRoyal
Herd Bull in the Making
Bull (male)1 yrRoyal
Not for Sale
a sweet curious boy, the dogs love him
Bull Calf (male)1 yrRoyal