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Yo-yo... now  that's one BIG Yak cow!

Yo-yo... now that's one BIG Yak cow!

Huge Imperial cow from the 'old days'

GBH4 YO-YO K004 (at HCC)

Yak, Cow (female) | Imperial

IYAK - Foundation# K004 | DOB: 4/17/2001 (18 yrs)

GBH4 Sweetie Pie G057
VL Sambo F015

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Yo-Yo K004 is one of the original 4 yaks we bought 18 years ago. She is the great grand daughter of Sargent Pepper C001, not only was he imported but he was the first Yak ever registered with IYAK!
She is now 17 years old and still going strong. She is HUGE compared to what you see these days in Yak cows. You can tell she was built to produce big offspring (can you say MEAT?), some of her sons have reached 6' high at the hump. Yo-Yo has a personality all her own, we have to ask permission to 'scratch your head?' or 'scratch your butt?'. A head shake in front means NO and a tail swish in the back means NO.... No response means 'go for it'. Yo-Yo and Thor have produced some of the most beautiful heifers we have EVER seen.... combining the old and the new lines...sure wish we could keep one, but we will never part with our precious Thor.

Updated 4/2/2019