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Yonce' Knowles & mama Yarrow

Yonce' Knowles & mama Yarrow

Sherpa lines + 6 generation pedigree!

HCC Yonce' Knowles 2F008

Yak, Heifer Calf (female) | Royal

IYAK - Foundation# 2F008 | DOB: 5/15/2018 (2 yrs)



Yonce' Knowles is the name of this precious little heifer. Her dam is our VERY special Yarrow A031. Yarrow was the last calf produced by the late great Sherpa H100! She is just as tame and gentle as her papa was and each of her calves have turned out that way too.

Yonce' should be a good fiber producer too, her papa THOR Y052 is 3/4 wooly and her mama Yarrow is 1/2 wooly. Her pedigree is VERY impressive going back 6 generations on each side to Queen Allante & Wooly Bully who were both imported in the US. She would be a great asset to any serious yak rancher wanting to know their bloodlines to avoid inbreeding... as we do.

We have other calves for sale and can work with nearby ranchers to create groups, breeding pairs and starter herds. All calves sold will be IYAK Full Foundation registered, wormed, vaccinated and come with a 5 page Yak Care Guide. We will deliver within a 150mi. radius and hauling with a well known and trusted livestock hauler can be arranged if needed.

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