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Yunice of York and her mama Yukalaylee

Yunice of York and her mama Yukalaylee

6 generations Sherpa...Prince Allante

HCC Yunice of York 2F007

Yak, Heifer Calf (female) | Royal

IYAK - Foundation# TBD | DOB: 5/16/2018 (2 yrs)



'Yunice of York' is the name of this gorgeous little heifer calf born 5/16/18. She is named after a good friend of the late Patty McNall who was the breeder of Yunice's dam.. PY1 Yuka-lay-lee A031. All calves here at HCC have a 'Y' name, that has been our tradition for the past 18 years.

Yunice is the great granddaughter of our well known bull Sherpa HIOO and the famous Dreadlock. Her pedigree goes back 6 generations to the first group of yaks imported into the US, she would be an asset to any serious rancher who cares to know the complete history of their yaks as we do. She should put off a fair amount of fiber since her awesome sire Thor Y052 is a 3/4 wooly.

Yunice has very unusual markings, her left front leg has a huge black patch on it while her other 3 legs are completely white.... and she has so much black on her face that almost half of her nose and lower lip is black instead of pink like a normal royal. Her markings are almost identical to her mothers....they both have the face of a Black Widow Spider...pretty cool.

All calves sold will be IYAK Full Foundation registered, wormed, vaccinated and come with a 5 page Yak Care Guide. We will deliver for free within a 150mi. radius or can arrange delivery with an trusted and well known livestock hauler.

We are able to create breeding pairs and starter herds as well, I work with several local ranchers and calves can all come here for weaning prior to hauling.

Give me a call and we can yak about yaks! 719-495-9155

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