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Yadele, heifer DOB 4-7-16

Yadele, heifer DOB 4-7-16

Yose' Cuervo bull DOB 3-30-17

15mo. old Sherpa granddaughter

KCCH Yadele 2D243 (at HCC)

Yak, Heifer (female) | Native Trim

IYAK - Foundation# 2D243 | DOB: 4/7/2016 (5 yrs)

KCCH Sunny O112
KCCH Yuri O110


Yadele is 15mo. old and will be ready for breeding this fall. She is a good size girl from the 'old lines' and she is a granddaughter to our well known royal bull Sherpa H100. Yadele is sweet but a little shy, she likes to hang out but not be the center of attention, she is an easy keeper for sure. She will stand for nose scratches while eating from a bucket. She has been vaccinated and wormed and her IYAK registration is in the works.

Yadele can be paired up for breeding with our 2017 bull calf Yose' Cuervo, he will be weaned in Sept. but Yadele can go now if needed and he can catch up later. Yose' himself is a 1/2 to 3/4 wooly and very stocky like his papa Thor Y052. He has Dreadlock lines on both sides of his pedigree.

Our goal here is to combine the tall bloodlines of Sherpa and the stocky woolier lines of Thor. Yadele and Yose' will accomplish just that while producing both royals and trims.

A 25% deposit will hold one or both. We will deliver within a 150mi. radius or meet and reload from trailer to trailer. All yak sales come with a 5-page Yak Care Guide too!

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