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Yodair 2D244 born 5/13/16

Yodair 2D244 born 5/13/16

Yama Guchi 2E002 born 6/5/17 RLY Missy (B2) born 6/11/17

HUGE 16mo. bull... starter herd of 3

KCCH Yodair 2D244 (at HCC)

Yak, Bull (male) | Native Trim

IYAK - Foundation# 2D244 | DOB: 5/13/2016 (4 yrs)

Sunny 0112
Yabet 0111


YODAIR, is a HUGE Native Trim from the old bloodlines with that gorgeous silver dorsal stripe that runs from his hump to his rump!. He is very impressive in looks and stature with massive perfect horns. He will be breeding by late fall no doubt, he is already showing major interest in cows/heifers in heat. If you are thinking of raising a few yaks for meat or show... Yodair is the bull you are looking for, he is built for both! We have personally met his dam Yabet # O111 sire #0112, grandsire #L065 and great grandsire #F105 (the well known Sambo) in the past 18 years and can attest to the size of these guys...probably the biggest we have ever seen! Yodair's maternal grandparents (Yancy & Yabou) were actually born here in 2002 so we know these lines well. Yodair enjoys a good head & ear scratch and to have his eyes rubbed. He is loyal to 'his people' yet will guard his herd from predators and trespassers!

Yodair can be paired up with our 6/5/2017 Imperial Trim heifer calf Yama Guchi 2E002. (Thor Y056 & Yoyo K004) Yama also has Sambo F150 in her pedigree from her dam's side, and BOTH can be linked back to Sargent Pepper C001...the first yak ever registered with IYAK and...imported from Can! Yama is tame, gentle and stands brushing and head scratches!

NOTE; I have arranged for yet another 6/11/2017 heifer calf to go with Yodair and Yama. RLY Missy is also a Imperial Trim and extremely friendly. Missy's IYAK Registration is being processed, she is a B2 which means when bred to a full foundation yak like Yodair, her offspring will be full foundation as well. Her sire is Kahn Z189 and her dam is Clover 2C164

This starter herd was created for another client that had to back out at the last minute. We have discounted the 3 of them for $5800. Yodair can go now if you already have yaks, Yama and Missy will be ready mid -late Oct. 25% down will hold them until delivery or pick up. All 3 have been vaccinated and wormed, and the heifers will have their Bangs vax as well.

Please email or call Lynda Gehring at 719-495-9155. High Country Critters in Colo. Spgs., CO.

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