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Royal bull calf, DOB 4/3 tame as a dog!

HCC Yohnny B. Goode 2E006

Yak, Bull Calf (male) | Royal

IYAK - Foundation# 2E006 | DOB: 4/3/2017 (4 yrs)

HPY Thor Y052
PY1 Yuka-lay-lee A031


OMG...is this a dog or a yak calf?!? Talk about tame and friendly, this little guy will steal your heart in a' heart beat'! Keeping our trade mark 'Y' names going (17 yrs. now) we have named this little guy YOHNNY B. GOODE after the Chuck Berry song written in 1958. Yohnny, is too tame... at first he couldn't decide if he wanted to a human or a yak! He loved me (Lynda) from the moment he met me at 1.5 hrs old! Mike and I had to distance our selves from him for the first 10 days so he would realize he needs to stick with his mama Yukalaylee (A031) and quit looking for me/us. Of course it didn't help that I would give him body rubs or brush him every chance I had. He loves to be brushed and will follow you around begging for more.

Yohnny was born 4/3/17, his mama Yukalaylee (A031) is a granddaughter to our first and famous herd bull Sherpa H100, who was known to throw very tame and gentle calves. Yukalaylee is very tame herself and her mama Maya (P036) was born a twin (sisters), so we secretly hope to see twins ourselves someday.

Yohnny will be IYAK registered, vaccinated and wormed prior to leaving us, and comes with a 5-page Yak Care Guide! We deliver within a 150mi. radius, or meet and reload calves into your trailer. We give a discount for multiple calves purchased and for repeat buyers! Many references available upon request.

NOTE as of 6/2017, we have a sale pending on Yohnny

Updated 10/22/2019