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Yose' Cuervo DOB 3/30/17

Yose' Cuervo DOB 3/30/17

Royal bull calf, tame, Dreadlock lines!

HCC Yose' Cuervo 2E005

Yak, Bull Calf (male) | Royal

IYAK - Foundation# 2E005 | DOB: 3/30/2017 (4 yrs)

HPY Thor Y052
HCC Yenna R076


Yose' Cuervo is the name of this little guy. Here at High Country Critters, all yak calves have a 'Y' name, that has been OUR trade mark for 17 years running.

Yose' was born 3/30/17 to our 'very large' Native Trim girl Yenna (R076), she is a 1/2 wooly and our herd bull Thor (Y052) is a 3/4 wooly Royal, so Yose' should be not only very large, but a good fiber producer and pass that down to his offspring. His great grand sire on both sides is the famous Dreadlock (F199) "Wooliest yak in North America".

Yose' is pretty special... he is the 8th calf born to Yenna and her first ever' Royal' bull calf!!! He was handled at birth, is accustomed to human interaction on a daily basis and LOVES to have his butt scratched! He will make someone a nice, safe herd bull or pasture pet to be around some day.

Yose' will be IYAK registered, vaccinated & wormed prior to leaving us, and comes with a 5-page Yak Care Guide! We will deliver within a 150mi. radius, or meet and reload calves into your trailer. We give a discount for multiple calves purchased and for repeat buyers! Many references available upon request

Note; we DO NOT sell yaks for meat/slaughter

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